In part 1, we checked out Christmas goodies such as fudge, toffee and chocolate… now let’s move on to candy (and all the rest)!


Toffee & fudge

Thought this was an AWESOME idea. Flavoured coffee spoons!

Chocolate flavoured liqueur

Cookies in tins

Assorted goodies!

Christmas coffee, anyone??

Assorted teas

Artichoke dip! Sounds really delicious

Chocolate Christmas pudding… with alcohol!

Dundee cake


Scottish Shortbread with a cute dog on the cover

Tea biscuits

Cookies in tins

Check out the decked out Famous Amos stall!


More liqueurs!

Chocolate cocktails.. thought these were very COOL!

Next up…. CANDY CANE, of course! The quintessential Christmas goodie.. So bad for health, but tastes great!

Straight candy “cane”

Candy cane galore

Candy cane, strawberry flavour!

Even managed to find organic candy cane, for the health-conscious people. Guess they couldn’t use bright colouring, so it’s pink!

There you have it, our compilation of Christmas favourites! Have a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 2013!