Christmas is by far my favourite season! It wasn’t until I experienced it in its full glory–Christmas lights everywhere you look, snow storms and a blanket of thick white snow everywhere, and Christmas cheer in the hearts of all–that I truly learned to appreciate it. Anyway, I was feeling the Christmas mood the past couple of weeks, so I decided to scour the city for exciting Christmas goodies!

First off, I found lots of the quintessential Christmas snack… FRUIT CAKE! I’m not sure why people think that it’s a favourite, because nobody I’ve ever met has EVER said that they actually like it! Perhaps it’s just a traditional sort of thing?

“Big Sister” Golden Fruit Cake

Fruitcake mountain! These ones are all imported from the UK

Even found this Italian version! Panettone?

High class Panettone

Next, up… A VARIETY OF CHOCOLATES. One thing’s for sure–Christmas is definitely the season that everybody uses to indulge in chocolates; all sorts of them!

Chocolate Pralines 

Belgian chocolates infused with liquor

Chocolate tower 

Fudge… okay, not chocolate, but close enough!

White chocolate pretzels, which sounds SUPER delicious. Love the packaging, too!

Chocolate infused with cherry liqueur

Chocolate lollipops with cute wrappers 

This next one’s not particularly Christmassy, but I thought it was so funny:

Poop chocolate! Maybe kids will find it amusing?

Chocolate spiders and maggots–they also had many others!

Ferrero Rocher in a Christmas tree box

Lindt Chocolate

Festive Lindt chocolate! 


Stay tuned for part 2 of our Christmas goodies adventure!